Manufacturing Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Key challenges impacting global supply chain management

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The manufacturing supply chain has moved from being a cost-reduction engine to take center stage in the battle to offer superior customer experience and deliver competitive advantage.

In this white paper, we examine the key challenges impacting the global supply chain:

  • Unavoidable macro-economic circumstances;
  • agility across the supply chain;
  • outdated, ineffective business models;
  • impaired supply chain visibility;
  • getting quality from data;
  • increase investment in technology;
  • aligning with the company’s strategic goals;

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About SYSPRO ERP Solutions
SYSPRO’s fully-integrated Supply Chain Management ERP solution enables manufacturers to tackle the immense challenges they face by optimizing their business operations, meeting and satisfying customer demands, and increasing factory output. Fit-for-purpose, modular ERP solutions give manufacturers and distributors control across every function of the supply chain to confidently manage, engage and optimize the manufacturing process to be agile, adaptive and resilient into the future.

Key challenges impacting global supply chain management - SYSPRO ERP Software


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