eCommerce for manufacturers

Scale your manufacturing operation with an online storefront

Manage online sales, inventory levels, and payments through our all-in-one ERP platform

Struggling to integrate your sales orders with core business functions?
With SYSPRO eCommerce for manufacturers, you can seamlessly manage online sales within your ERP.

Transform your product catalog into an online sales channel. You can seamlessly manage sales orders within your ERP to enhance customer interactions and streamline order fulfillment. And since inventory levels, payment processing, and production planning are already included, you don’t have to worry about any manual data entries. Now you can manage your entire manufacturing business – online and offline – from a single, unified platform.

eCommerce for Manufacturing: Simpler buying experience for your customers

Maximize your online sales potential

Our solution syncs complex product configurations seamlessly across your online sales platforms, ensuring precise representation to boost conversions.

Customer satisfaction through self-service

Our solution empowers your customers to personalize their orders, track order status, and receive timely updates; ensuring a seamless buying journey.

Make informed decisions through valuable insights

Our solution empowers you with insights into online sales performance and customer behavior to optimize your sales strategy and identify growth opportunities.

Scale your operations with a flexible platform

As you expand your product lines or introduce new configurations, our solution offers the flexibility to scale your online store.

From inventory management to order fulfillment —

SYSPRO Digital Commerce does it all

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Order fulfillment is becoming increasingly important. Manufacturers as well as consumer-oriented businesses need to embrace better fulfillment experiences for their customers.
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The pandemic exposed serious weaknesses in the operations of manufacturers and distributors, not the least of which was the lack of robustness in our supply chains.
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Why is it important to integrate your eCommerce platform with ERP?

ERPs integrate with eCommerce platforms to synchronize inventory, orders, and customer data — ensuring a seamless business operation across online channels.

How does inventory management work in eCommerce?

Successful online selling relies on efficient stock tracking, order processing, and replenishment. By integrating your ERP with an eCommerce platform, you can ensure accurate stock levels, timely fulfillment, and seamless customer experiences.

How do I get online orders into my ERP system?

There are a few ways to get online orders flowing smoothly into your ERP system, eliminating manual data entry. Pre-built connections, direct integration, and data sync tools can make the process of online selling easy for you.

SYSPRO Digital Commerce

Manage online sales, customer interactions, and order fulfillment.

Order Capture & Validation

Inventory Check & Reservation

Picking &

Payment Processing
& Invoicing

Order Fulfillment & Shipment

Inventory & Accounting Updates

Analytics &