Supply Chain Portal Demo

SYSPRO ERP Supply Chain Portal helps manufacturers increase operational efficiency and improve governance

Streamline collaboration between buyers and suppliers across your supply chain

The Supply Chain Portal streamlines collaboration between buyers and suppliers and minimizes document handling – reducing potential fraud. It automates business processes and ensures transparency of supplier and customer transactions.

This video demonstration shows you how the SYSPRO Supply Chain portal can deliver the following key supply chain management benefits:

Digitalization of Business Processes
The Supply Chain Portal minimizes document handling and other manual activities and facilitates cross functional collaboration by enabling an online process for engaging with customers and suppliers. With Request for Quote being the first capability in the Supply Chain Portal, this streamlines the tender process and further drives the business towards digital transformation.

Centralization of Platforms
The Supply Chain Portal offers a central access point and repository for all supplier and customer documentation and engagement.

Seamlessly Integrates with SYSPRO
The Supply Chain Portal is unique in that it seamlessly integrates with and pulls data from SYSPRO Core and SYSPRO Avanti. The user-experience is aligned with SYSPRO Avanti, reducing the learning curve for users.

Improves Governance

The Supply Chain Portal governs business processes and interactions by assisting with standardizing policies for engaging with customers and suppliers. This is supported by the ability to upload documentation and rich text notes.

Collaboration and Transparency

With unlimited user passes, relevant operators from different departments, and from customer and supplier companies, can interact on one platform, easing the flow and availability of information. This will also provide greater transparency of transactions and limit the risk of fraud.

Increased Business Efficiencies

Tasks typically facilitated manually by employees are transferred to suppliers and customers who enjoy online self-service with staff being freed up to perform more relevant tasks.

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