e.net Solutions

SYSPRO e.net Solutions enables you to extend beyond your enterprise using SYSPRO’s open interface. It encourages integration with best-of-breed third party products, while easing collaboration with business partners – the essential links in your supply chain.

SYSPRO e.net Solutions provides for a simplified development environment which is extensible and version independent. By providing a standard interface for integrating with SYSPRO, using industry standard technologies, custom business applications can be created based on existing business logic and security. In addition SYSPRO can be integrated with disparate business systems, both internal and external to your organization.

Key benefits of e.net Solutions

  • Better communication and data transfer over the Internet
  • Simplified network administration and communications infrastructure
  • Multiple platform connectivity and availability – Windows, web, mobile
  • Accessibility from anywhere at anytime
  • A simplified development environment in which developers can customize SYSPRO’s business functionality to suit end-user requirements
  • Cloud-enabled business models, operational structures and business systems to be streamlined and connected
  • Lowered total cost of ownership – custom programs do not have to be rewritten when upgrading to a new release of SYSPRO
  • Reduced development maintenance costs – developers do not directly access the database and are therefore shielded from any changes to the database

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