Southern African Shipyards

“Implementing SYSPRO has been like upgrading from an old Volkswagen
Beetle to a Rolls Royce.”

Akash Singh – Southern African Shipyards , Financial Manager

Customer Profile

Southern African Shipyards is Africa’s leading commercial and naval shipbuilding and ship repair company, providing cost-effective services and solutions to the marine industry worldwide. Situated close to Africa’s busiest port in Durban, South Africa, SA Shipyards provides complete inhouse marine solutions through its ship building, ship repair, naval maintenance, mechanical and fabrication and Oil & Gas departments. The yard is ISO 9001-2008 certified.

SA Shipyards is a proudly African company which is 100% black-owned and 60% black women-owned. The yard can manufacture and repair a large range of marine structures, including tugs, container vessels, bulk carriers, tankers, patrol vessels, ferries, luxury yachts, dredgers, trawlers, oil rigs and barges.

The Mission

SA Shipyards used standalone accounting, planning and reporting software packages which were unable to communicate with each other. Data had to be merged in Excel and other reporting software. The widespread use of manual processes led to challenges in productivity, efficiency and cost savings.

The Solution

SA Shipyards urgently needed a fully integrated, automated solution to enhance the efficiency of its complex, high-volume ship building and repair operation. SYSPRO was selected on the strength of its functionality and user-friendliness as well as the expertise and implementation experience offered by SYSPRO dealer RN Software Support c.c.

The Outcome

Following extensive and thorough planning, testing and customization, SA Shipyards went live on the full suite of SYSPRO 7.1 as well as e.net Solutions on 4 December 2018. The company has shifted from a 100% manual operation to a fully-integrated ERP solution where manual intervention accounts for only about 5% of the processes. The result is significant cost savings, far tighter controls and substantial improvements in both productivity and efficiency.


Southern African Shipyards


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