Benita Ravyse

Benita Ravyse

Benita Ravyse is a Senior Test Analyst at SYSPRO. Her SYSPRO journey began in the Architecture Department as a Tester in 2006. As a result of this experience, Benita is passionate about UI and customization. Today, Benita is a Senior Test Analyst in the Innovation Department and she feels privileged to be involved in Avanti, the UI and UX experience, and development with the Setup Options program from its inception.

Posts by Benita Ravyse

ERP and TechnologyERP and Data

Is low code the future of software development?

Recently the big term on everyone’s lips is this low code concept and I must admit it piqued my interest …

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Digital Business and ERPERP and Data

New year’s resolutions: Accelerating digital transformation with ERP

There is this something in the air this time of year where everyone starts with new year’s resolutions, and it …

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ERP and TechnologyEducation

Why programmers are an integral part of your ERP solution

Firstly, I had to google if this International Programmers Day is honestly a thing and interestingly enough, I can now …

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Cloud ERPCloud computing

Yoga Cloud

Take a deep breath in and sigh it out through your mouth, in through the nose and sigh it out.  …

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ERP and TechnologyBusiness software

The Technology that Drives a Customizable User Interface and Healthy Eyesight

I really should get my eyes checked or perhaps just give them a bit of a break away from the …

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ERP and TechnologyERP and Digitization

Diary of a WFH ERP Developer, Teacher, Mom and Yogi

Oh wait, is that really how much time has passed since our transition into the new normal. Days seem to be flowing into each other. Is …

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Managing-Operating ERPBusiness software

Celebrating Technology on International Language Day

February 21 was International Mother Language Day. This day has been observed every year since February 2000 to promote linguistic …

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Digital Business and ERPBusiness software

Being Connected vs. Being Optimized

There is a drive in the world as a whole, but especially in the ERP sector, where a lot of …

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