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Highlights from SYSPRO's 2023 manufacturing CFO survey:
Global manufacturing trends

The latest SYSPRO Annual Manufacturing CFO Survey was conducted in Q3 2023 across our extensive global manufacturing and distribution network, covering a wide variety of businesses, services, nations and operating environments.

Participants included financial leaders in Africa, APAC (Australasia and the Asia Pacific region), the USA, Canada and the UK and Europe. The results presented in this report therefore reflect the insights of key stakeholders and decision makers in the manufacturing and distribution sectors.

Since our first survey, conducted in 2020, the manufacturing sector has undergone a period of unprecedented change. A world transformed significantly has emerged due to the convergence of several unforeseen macro-level shocks.

Strategies that manufacturing CFO's currently focus on to generate operational efficiencies:


CRM, ERP and BI to support better clarity and transparency


Investing in scheduling and MRP


Automating the warehouse


Re-engineering of supply chains to improve B2B trading


Investing in eCommerce platforms


Advanced manufacturing such as Robotics and Smart technology

Gain a deeper understanding of the challenges, opportunities, and strategies prevalent in your industry. This SYSPRO CFO survey can be crucial for you make informed choices related to financial planning, investment, and your overall business strategy.

Key themes in SYSPRO 2023 CFO survey:

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The SYSPRO Manufacturing CFO 4.0 survey has been running since 2020

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