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  • Control and monitor project costs, activity and progress
  • Optimize production capacity and increase manufacturing efficiency
  • Streamline estimating, capacity planning and scheduling
  • Ensure quality and safety across global operations
  • Improve forecast accuracy and financial control
  • Gain business analytics for better strategic planning

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Metal Fabrication
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Metal Fabrication ERP

Manufacturers of fabricated steel and other metal products know that success depends on tightly managing your complex supply chain. Metal fabrication manufacturers need to collaborate with customers to design the most effective products, while meeting quality, tolerance and material specifications. They also need to provide a full range of services from design to delivery. Fabricators must maintain flexibility to change capacity requirements while operating effective continuous replenishment systems.

Using SYSPRO ERP metal fabrication software, manufacturers can manage production costs, product quality, and on-time delivery by automating and integrating business processes and improving management information. From the front office to the factory floor, discover how SYSPRO’s specialized manufacturing solutions can give you a 360-degree picture of what’s happening within your business.

5 Metal Fabrication Business Challenges SYSPRO ERP can Help you Resolve

  • Manage outsourcing and subcontract operations as integrated processes to your production.
  • Accurately track the actual costs of your nesting job.
  • Efficiently record and consume remainder sheet offcuts.
  • SYSPRO’s extensive toolset provides the flexibility to integrate LME spot pricing with your costing processes, allowing you to better manage your input cost pressures.
  • This ensures greater flexibility in your what-if costing during quotation and estimating processes.
  • Work collaboratively with your customers to provide them with a turnkey solution.
  • Multi-level bills of material for designs modeled on CAD systems can be imported into SYSPRO.
  • Reducing double-entry and the margin for error as well as providing a solid basis on which to calculate costs.
  • Integrate directly from design to quote and estimation for accurate project costs.
  • Track and trace metal hot-roll batches, providing recall and traceability requirements.

Custom (Job Shop) Fabricators

If your shop predominantly services local manufacturing industries with specialized requirements or one-off jobs, simplicity in your systems is essential to your success. The perfect ERP solution will allow you to:

  • Quote quickly and accurately – Customers often need same-day jobs and so quote turnaround time is short and must be accurate or it will affect profitability.
  • Increase profitability – With real-time insight into material and labor usage. As you may not have repeat orders from the same customer, ensuring each job is profitable is imperative to the bottom line.
  • Perform ad-hoc scheduling and CTP – Customers may walk in with a rush job that needs to be completed the same day – can you meet your deadlines and does it impact other work? Using a CTP system allows you to create a balance between what you can produce and what customers and clients are requesting.
  • Sub-contract with confidence – Because this is a capital-intensive industry, many custom metal fabricators are not big enough to own specialty machinery, thus having to rely on sub-contracting to provide a ‘full’ service/end result for their customers (coating, specialized cutting, etc.).

Project Fabricators

As a project fabricator, you might specialize in servicing a specific industry such as construction, aerospace, forestry, oil and gas. You may have a custom fabrication department that services individual customers, but your primary business is servicing the needs of a specific industry. You therefore have more sophisticated requirements and want a solution that facilitates:

  • Accurate quoting – Having larger contracts, you need the quote to be complete and accurate up front in order to maintain profitability.
  • Creating BOMs/Jobs based on customer CAD drawings – It is a time-consuming task to capture complicated CAD details into BOMs into an ERP.
  • Profitability – Dependent on material availability and the production processes.
  • Compliance and quality as they often have to adhere to standards stipulated by the industries you serve (such as Aerospace) – Heat-tracking and the ability to do quick recalls (mock for compliance) is important. Your ability to provide documentation that validates inspections throughout the manufacturing process and meets quality specifications with the final product is often needed.

Best-in-Class Metal Fabrication ERP Software

Whether you’re fabricating products using steel, aluminum or other metals – or even composites like fiberglass – you need management tools designed for your business to maximize profitability. Unlike entry-level accounting software, SYSPRO ERP software for metal fabrication are especially built to solve challenges across your entire manufacturing operation.

Spreadsheets can only take you so far. Take your organization to the next level of growth with a strong, integrated technology foundation, from vendor who knows how to solve your specific industry challenges.

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“The possibilities are endless with this system. The flexibility and ingenuity of the software means that there is so much more we can still achieve.”
Kowie van Tonder – Insulated Structures, Finance Manager
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