Get Ready for More Changes in ERP Education

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Get Ready for More Changes in ERP Education

As we roll over into a new year, I am reminded of the old saying that, “A new broom sweeps clean”.

The rise of technology means that methods of education and teaching are constantly shifting to keep up with the latest technologies and trends, resulting in a disruption of traditional methods. So as the year ends what have been some of these trends in education we have witnessed?

Education Trends

Whether it be catching up online and revising over courses, or gaining insight into new topics or features, online learning is here to stay, and new methods of providing continuous access to learning and improved engagement, will be a focal point in 2018.

With businesses expanding their footprints across multiple regions, a drive to support remote students is inevitable. Online learning reduces the need for individuals to commute to class and encourages them to learn at their own pace.

There’s been a shift from more generic models to specific, role-based learning models – moving away from only dealing with How to and rather focusing and incorporating Why and When can this role add business value?

The shift to Why has become more important precisely because of the rise of automation. As applications and systems become more intuitive and simpler to use, there is a reduced need for generic How to training, and a resulting increase in the need to show the definitive business value.

For example a Clerk processing orders can be shown to be adding value if insights are surfaced showing they processed a sizeable amount or value of sales orders in one day which has assisted the business in moving forward or highlighting a declining trend whereby action potentially needs to be taken.

Sales Relationships

The rise of automation also means applications are starting to do the granular work through automation. This doesn’t mean humans are being replaced but it changes their role and frees them up to focus on strong, consultative relations with customers or suppliers.

The human touch is becoming increasingly important in building relationships with customers by advising and consulting with them on the product functions that will optimize their business success.

For example sales training will not focus on just facilitating a transaction but will rather focus on their customers’ challenges and product requirements and how to advise on these – providing solution selling training.

Mobility and convenience

Another trend that continues to grow is mobile learning. This is exploding as students embrace their mobile devices and enjoy the convenience of accessing their courses and study toolkits 24/7.

The rise of Bots also means students suffering from insomnia can ask queries from an accommodating digital Bot around the clock. Can you imagine in the past asking your teacher a technical question in the middle of the night? I don’t think so.

Grab that broom and bring on 2018; a New Year is opening up further horizons for us to explore, engage and learn.


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