Why Education is Crucial to Digital Business Transformation

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How can businesses thrive during the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is bringing with it digital business transformation? The short answer is through continued education – we all have a role to play in encouraging a Learning Revolution.

With the ever increasing advances in technology, from Artificial Intelligence, supercomputers, ubiquitous technology and self-driving cars, there are endless areas that require skilled and experienced individuals. A wide range of jobs will start to become obsolete, but a whole range of new ones are set to emerge at the same time.

Different countries face different resource and employment challenges. However, what we all have in common is the need to empower people to adopt these technologies instead of looking at them to replace people. Empowerment comes through education. If people are sufficiently informed regarding how useful a product or technology is, it will increase the likelihood of widespread adoption and escalate the rate at which it is recommended to others.

So what happens when the feedback on these products and technologies is not positive? Although we often find that bad news travels fast, there is an upside to this rapid transmission of information – what better way to find out where specific areas of your offering require urgent improvement?

This is where education and learning come in. If a new product or technology is made available, take SYSPRO’s latest release for example, you won’t know about it until you are informed, and you won’t know how to use it until you are taught or shown, through education and training. Think about riding a bicycle – you wouldn’t be aware of the benefits of this mode of transport until you are told about it or have seen others doing it and you won’t be able to do it without being taught and heaps of practice.

With the benefits to business that can be gained from these new innovations and technology being adopted in business systems like ERP, education is critical. From AI and machine learning, to Bots and social ERP, continuous learning has to be available at our fingertips.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution brings with it an exciting wave of innovation and opportunity. Education is the key to driving growth and job creation in this new age.


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