4 Global eLearning Trends for 2018

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I remember the days when having the latest fashion was high on my personal agenda, but at the wise old age of 39, I no longer bother with all the latest trends. Comfort and simplicity have become key.

Within my work life, however, keeping up with the latest trends is a must. Specifically, in education, we like to focus on the latest and greatest in eLearning.

In a recent survey, Bryan Jones (eLearning Art) surveyed 57 experts and asked them to pick their top eLearning trends for 2018. From the results, we’re happy to see that SYSPRO is staying on top of latest trends…we are trendy! Here are four global trends for this year that apply to SYSPRO Education:

#1: Micro-Learning

We now offer continuous access to learning and improved engagement as is visible in some of our new, shorter, more focused courses on the SLC. Users are also able to complete the courses on multiple devices.

#2: Video

Most of our educational content consists of videos. In fact, with all major enhancements, we ensure that videos are created for Sales teams (stating the benefits) and for Support Teams (stating how it works). These are relevant to our customers too. These videos are also less than five minutes which factors into our #1 trend.

#3 Mobile

Our SYSPRO Learning Channel is accessed online and users can watch, read and interact with contact from their mobile phones.

#4 Augmented Reality (AR)

While we’re not currently using any AR content, it is on our radar, so please watch this space!

Honorable Mention

Included in the trends is Artificial Intelligence (AI). SYSPRO has introduced machine learning and bots, and I am looking forward to when we will leverage off this in-house expertise and apply AI to our area.

While I may be trendless, SYSPRO places a significant amount of focus on innovation and future technologies in order to keep you ahead of the competition.


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