The SYSPRO Development Process: Where quality is a habit

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Do you also get annoyed when the sales pitch sizzles, the promise is red-hot and then the delivery is lukewarm … at best? It’s like watching your favorite team come on to the pitch swinging and then lose their mojo somewhere around half time.

Providing a quality service should span the entire process from the initial concept right through to aftersales support. 

As an independent ERP vendor focused on developing a single, feature-rich product, SYSPRO is invested in developing a deep understanding of the business and management environment of its customers and the market. This commitment starts right from the first whistle and stays consistent until the stadium is empty. And the ERP game begins at the development phase.

Addressing market requirement and business priorities

In a dynamic global market of changing business priorities and specific regional requirements, SYSPRO developers continuously scan all relevant research sources to stay informed of needs across a variety of industry sectors.

The focus is on forging relationships with prominent analysts, consultants and research firms to ensure an influx of fresh external insights and access to critical thinking. The company also receives frequent feedback from prospective customers and their distribution channel to collect essential input.

Managing the quality factor

The extensive, pooled knowledge of the product and the ERP market allows SYSPRO to keep their team both lean and highly efficient. In spite of the embedded know-how, SYSPRO team members undergo frequent and intensive training.

Programmers work according to high standards, methodologies and principles, covering aspects such as user interface, design principles and reporting guidelines.

As soon as the programmers have completed their work, the event is transferred to the testing team where event information is reviewed and test plans are created according to SYSPRO’s own testing guidelines.

The event is only moved to a production platform once the testers have verified the performance of the software and its conformance to specifications and standards.

Listening to our customers, prospects and partners

SYSPRO customers and partners enjoy a close relationship with the company. They are an extension of the SYSPRO development team. Their input and feedback is crucial when planning the product roadmap and functionality of future product releases.

The views of line managers and feedback from thousands of end-users is channeled through SYSPRO’s partner network via the Distribution Support function.

A project is added to SYSPRO’s development system during the envisioning or planning stage of each new feature. This makes the project visible to SYSPRO offices around the world, keeping all parties up-to-date with the development of each key feature.

Delivering innovative and robust solutions

End-user content in the form of SYSPRO Help (context sensitive reference material, including basic search capability), reference guides, training guides and Support Zone Content is created at the end of this process.

Source code and file backups are done daily and stored in an off-site facility to ensure maximum security.

In software development, as in sport (and life by extension), there is no short route to optimal quality. No goals without preparation. No tries without dedication. No glory without skilled teamwork.


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