E-learning Changing the Landscape of Education

E-learning changing the landscape of education
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Every day, across multiple articles and blogs, the trend we hear a lot about is disruption, especially in relation to technology and the ICT space. Yet the impact of this disruption spread is not only limited to this space but spreading across multiple avenues.

Learning especially, by just looking at the current topics and news, is one of these areas that I believe is going through a big disruption and technology is the great enabler helping to resolve this.

Access to information and the way of learning is changing. Information is becoming an Internet search away and all it takes to learn something new is the desire or need of an individual.

Because of this changing trend and need we recently launched the SYSPRO Learning Channel, taking all our learning online. We still will have classroom courses but now all our course collateral will be available online as well.

This means that our employees, students, partners and customers will all have access to our courses, PDFs, videos and Webinars. This includes their own personal dashboards that show them what courses they are enrolled in, what content and lessons have been covered and what awards and badges they have acquired, all on one site.

We have effectively created a learning “one-stop shop” online that, unlike traditional learning models, gives our participants learning on demand as and when it’s needed. Learners can target and rewatch areas of their course they are rusty on until they are up to date, setting their own pace and enabling more effective and faster learning.

Baseline assessments can show learners who have just joined the company where their skillset level currently is and where they need to get to become fully qualified.

For example if we have a new tester join the company they can go to the site and watch orientation and classroom videos and read content until their skillset is at the correct, informed level. Companies often drop education and courses to save costs but ironically it is this same education, or lack of it, that results in faulty implementations, inefficiency and added expense.

Our SYSPRO Learning Channel will be released to partners in early December and will be made available to our customers early in January/February next year. We have standardised globally and among all our regions in the US, UK, Asia Pacific and Africa. E-learning also controls the cost of education as students do not need to commute to a classroom or pay for accommodation to go to class but can access our site from anywhere, contributing to a lower environmental impact as well.

The landscape of education has irrevocably changed through e-learning. Changed for the better.

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