Top eLearning Trends for 2019

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It felt like just yesterday that I was discussing the eLearning trends of 2018. And here I am, seeing what’s trending in 2019. I am convinced the world is spinning faster each year.

For 2019, the front runner is still Virtual Reality. I still find this a challenging trend as our customers and partners would be required to have the hardware to make use of this type of learning. This cannot be guaranteed. We’d need to weigh up the benefit of creating such education with how much it would be used. So, for now, I’ll keep the goggles on the shelf.

Other trends are terms we’ve all heard before, personalization, microlearning and social learning, but with a twist and with the help of adaptive learning and big data. While I may not be on the bandwagon yet, I’ll share some information on how our customers and partners can leverage off our Learning Management System (LMS), the SYSPRO Learning Channel (SLC).

1 – Personalization

While we do not have the big data and adaptive learning available on our LMS that will create personalized learning paths autonomously, we do provide the facility for organizations to pick and choose the courses relevant to employees and create customized programs for them. This may shorten the time spent on learning and improve uptake as employees will relate to the content better.

Additionally, users can create their own playlists of content that is relevant or interesting to them. In essence, a personal library.

2 – Microlearning

ERP system education does not always lend itself to microlearning in its purest form, but we do provide short informative, instructional videos for our users.

On top of that, if organizations wanted to create their own videos based on internal use of our product or customized SYSPRO programs, they can upload that content to the SLC and make it available to specific groups in their organization.

3 – Social Learning

In the context of eLearning, it is the use of social media, live events and forums which enable the interaction of peers around a topic or content. It helps bridge the geographical divide and makes learners feel like they’re part of a larger global community.

Our SLC provides the facility for forums as well as social media. They’re switched off by default but can be turned on per organization group. We’re also scheduling more live events in 2019 to provide a platform for learning and discussion.

I wish you a year filled with relevant, fun and engaged learning. You can see we have provided the platform so you can get up and create a learning experience, on us.


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