Mobile Apps are so 2016!

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Steve Jobs’ original vision was not for static apps, but rather services that could be accessed as needed. This vision is now starting to take shape with PWAs (for all you non-techies…Progressive Web Apps). 

Originally proposed by Google in 2015, PWAs have already attracted a lot of attention because of their relative ease of development and the almost instant wins for user experience (UX). They take advantage of latest technologies, combining the best of web and mobile apps, delivering offline capabilities as well as improved speed and performance. Think about a website that acts and feels like an app, but with many benefits over both, including:

  • They load quickly
  • They work offline
  • They send push notifications
  • They can be linked to the home screen of the device

What does this mean for your business over the next five years?

PWAs take advantage of the much larger web ecosystem, plugins and community and the relative ease of deploying and maintaining a website when compared to a native application in the respective app stores. Businesses have a lot to gain from implementing these technologies, with an already proven increase in UX, visitor retention, user engagement and conversion rates.

Not all of your customers are going to have your organization’s app installed, that’s if you even have an app. For those who visit via the web, providing them with a better experience will make them happier and generate more revenue for your business. It’s really that simple.

What does this mean for ERP?

At SYSPRO, we are in continuous pursuit of delivering our cutting-edge enterprise software and unlocking value by providing latest technology. This allows our customers to extend beyond their enterprises by embracing these technologies and SYSPRO’s open interface.

PWAs are a great example of this extension. They will further enhance your ERP distribution capabilities through online buy and sell side-solutions, and tie in perfectly to SYSPRO’s, providing easy access to information, order visibility, online self-services and enhanced communications – faster and offline as well!

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