The Digital Supply Chain Part 4: Choosing a Technology Partner for the Digital Age

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Smart factories of the future driven by robots, computers and AI, are no longer the stuff of science fiction. We currently exist in the overlap of Industry 4.0 and the Digital Ecosystem and with it brings technologies and strategies that are fast changing how we conduct business – from day-to-day operations to high-level decision making.

These changes have left many business owners and managers confused about the opportunities that abound – or the possible impact of delaying the digitalization of their manufacturing and logistics operations. Add IoT, big data, analytics and cloud computing to the mix, and those accustomed to linear supply chains are no doubt finding the prospect of change in a dynamic ecosystem rather overwhelming.

Making Sense of it all with a Digital Partner

While much has been written about the technological revolution, it is often impossible for organizations to fully comprehend its impact on their business. No matter where your company sits on the digitalization spectrum, an established digital partner with a firm grasp on your specific industry trends and challenges is a necessity. During this time of digital transformation, the qualified advice of knowledgeable experts is absolutely essential to the success of your digital strategy.

Technology is just One Aspect

Technology is only as effective as its implementation, which in turn is only as good as its alignment with the overarching strategy. The strategy should of course support the objectives of the business, now and into the future. It is therefore imperative that your digital partner has a clear understanding of your business, your challenges, your opportunities, and a shared vision of where your organization is heading.

The depth of consultation, alongside the ability to make sound, practical recommendations that reflect a thorough understanding of your business and its specific needs, are good predictors of a solution designed with your company’s best interests in mind.

Choosing the Right People for the Job 

A strong track record of software and system implementation within your industry speaks volumes – but your technology partner should also have the people skills to support your business through its transition. In addition, transparency and accessibility are vital to building a relationship of confidence and trust, helping to future-proof your partnership for long-term success.


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