Services and Support for ERP

Using IT to be Forever Educated

Last week a colleague came to my desk for assistance with a video editing tool. While showing him how to …

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Find the Educational Fit

TOMS is a company that sells apparel. What they do differently, however, is based on your purchase they give either …

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Get Connected

You know how you have lived all your life never having heard a word or phrase and then one day …

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8 Steps to ERP Support Request Success

I’m sometimes envious of Dr. John Dee, the 16th-century mathematician, astronomer, geographer and trusted adviser to Queen Elizabeth I. Despite …

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How to influence ERP learners – just what the doctor ordered

It’s October, my birthday month. For some strange reason, I feel some sort of comradery with people born in October; …

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Onsite Champions vs. Super Hero Consultants – Part 1

As you’d expect, a SYSPRO technical support position comes with heavy intellectual responsibilities. This morning, for example, I sat at …

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ERP Support that Counts – Part 2

In my last blog I mentioned my home make-over and my feelings about it that range from jubilant to wretched, …

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Support that Counts

Renovations can be exhausting and frustrating but oddly exhilarating at the same time. During my recent home makeover, as I …

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ERP at Your Service

If you haven’t heard about Uber, I am going to make the assumption that you have been living under a …

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