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Sustainability in ERP Education Key for Stable Employment

As a result of the IT skills talent pool being scarce locally we often battle to find interns for our …

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Independence Through Education

In the USA this time of year is very exciting, most people who know of or have kids in school, …

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SYSPRO’s Learning Management System

You know how sometimes you’re driving along a stretch of a familiar road as a passenger and you notice things, …

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E-Learning is all about ME

As a mom I have embarked on a journey of being able to answers questions I have never been asked …

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Digital Disruption: Is Formal Education Obsolete?

The impact of digital disruption in education and the trend towards informal learning has some industry observers commenting that university …

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General Skills Vital for Sustainable IT Internships

IT companies who train interns in software development, consulting and services often need to impart general and “soft skills” as …

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GLOBAL TALK – Knowledge is Power

Experts in every field know the value of trade magazines and industry publications. At the personal level, they can serve …

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Mobile ERP Gets Smarter

A few years ago, if one said the word “drone” most of us would picture a male bee buzzing about, …

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Pairing Education and Technology for a Brighter Future

This month we celebrate Youth Day in South Africa. Youth Day, while not a uniquely South African observance, has a …

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