ERP and Technology


Applying Technology to Food and Beverage Manufacturing

During a recent holiday in France, over a croissant and coffee, I watched the morning crowds making their way to …

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How ERP Takes the Customer Experience to the Next Level

A couple of decades ago, the expression ‘customer experience journey’ was virtually non-existent.  Although businesses had placed the customer at the …

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Innovation: The Key to Africa’s Industrialization Journey

   “Industrialisation is the motive behind economic growth, and although Africa has made strides in this regard, more can be done …

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WiFi Turns 20, Connecting to ERP Has Never Been Easier

Pop the bubbly and cut the cake, because of 2019 marks 20 years since the invention of WiFi connectivity. Life …

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Using ERP to Converge IT Systems and Operational Technology

How to Use ERP to Converge IT Systems and Operational Technology

Traditionally, manufacturing companies maintained a clear line between their IT systems and operational technology (OT) – that is, the tools …

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Unlocking Your Full Business Potential with the Right ERP Software

In a recent conversation with my 14-year-old daughter, she asked me what I do for work. My immediate response was: …

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Why Industries Need People to Succeed and Not just Technology

You don’t need to get far on Google to find stories about how technology is creating seismic shifts for industries …

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ERP_and_the_4_ways_you_gain_the_competitive_edge_for_ your_business

4 Ways in Which ERP Provides a Competitive Edge

We are constantly told that the world of business is becoming increasingly cut-throat and that every enterprise needs to find …

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Consumers are Driving the Demand for Digital Manufacturing through Customization

With a focus on smart factories and digital manufacturing, Canadian Manufacturers must change their business model (including manufacturing processes from …

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