Nessis Incorporated

Since the year 2000, Nessis Incorporated has provided value to each client by offering software suite solutions to improve quality, increase operational efficiency, and ultimately reduce costs. Nessis utilizes existing MRP/ERP systems and client legacy systems to create updated operational flow. We have helped our clients successfully transition to higher tech (Paperless) environments. Nessis understands the critical need and use of relevant data in industry, for quality and process improvements. Nessis is ISO, HACCP and CGP certified and continues to work with businesses to help streamline their operations with software solutions by integrating people, processes, and technology throughout North America and around the world.

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Umbrella Consulting

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Umbrella Consulting is a Business Solutions Provider in the SYSPRO ERP market in North America. Umbrella Consulting provides ERP and Management Consulting to mid-market manufacturing and distribution companies. Our consultants are ERP experts with backgrounds in consulting, IT, accounting and project management.

We pride ourselves on providing professional and quality customer-focused services to build long-term business partnerships with our clients. Umbrella Consulting focuses on automation and streamlining of business processes with SYSPRO ERP, through implementations, consulting, customizations and support. We are a SYSPRO Premium Solutions Partner.

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SHEA Global

We’re experts in business optimization. We partner with you in building a smarter, leaner, more profitable business. SHEA Global is a Specialized Solutions Partner serving Ontario and BC.

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Olympus Solutions Inc.

Olympus Solutions Inc. provides effective and efficient Enterprise Solutions for businesses across a wide array of industries from Manufacturing and Distribution to Services, Oil and Gas, Mining are some of our specialization industries. We are experienced team of ERP professionals helping our valuable customers to get most value from their ERP investments. Olympus provides Implementations, Consulting, Training and Support services in Ontario and Alberta.

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PAL Solutions for Business Inc.

PAL Solutions is the premier SYSPRO Specialized Solutions Partner on Canada’s East Coast. Our 10-person team has delivered hundreds of successful SYSPRO implementations for a wide range of manufacturers and distributors. We provide a full range of services from Solution Architecture and Training to true ERP Consulting and in-depth Development projects.

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