Asia Global Solusi

For more than 15 years, PT. Asia Global Solusi has experienced in providing IT solutions to its clients in the mid-market ERP industry. Our passion is to give the best contribution to our clients’ success in their business. With more than 60 successful implementations, to name a few such as in Protelindo (40 calendar days to complete), Yupi Indo Jelly Gum (cost-saving about IDR 500 Million per month after completing the implementation), we believe that we can contribute significantly to our client’s success in their effort to achieve their business objective.

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Intelegensia Mustaka Indonesia

PT. Intelegensia Mustaka Indonesia (IMI) was established in 2019 with the vision to support our Clients’ business growth with a user friendly, affordable, automated and up to date technology. IMI consultants in total have more than 20 years of ERP implementation experience in manufacturing and distribution companies in Indonesia.

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NEC Indonesia

NEC first established its Jakarta Representative Office in 1968. Through the years, PT. NEC Indonesia recognized the importance of instituting telecommunications infrastructure for the country and has introduced several NEC technologies and solutions. This has resulted in PT. NEC Indonesia achieving the market leader position of being a total solutions provider for the Indonesian telecommunications industry. Today, with its headquarters in Jakarta and 20 other project offices located in various parts of Indonesia, PT. NEC Indonesia continues to play a significant role in providing total telecommunications and IT business solutions to its customers in the government and enterprise businesses.

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Piranti Tepat Indonesia

Our passion is always about how to make things easier and simpler for users, yet sophisticated. Anything that makes tasks become more
complicated and time-consuming is too expensive. At Piranti Tepat Indonesia, we focus on automation based on an integrated business software solution, starting from automating Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as the foundation of the company’s digital transformation. We work together with our customers to identify the needs for automation, evaluate the process, and suggest an approach that best suit them.

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Integrity One Technologies

IOT is a leading ERP implementation partner in Thailand, helping distribution and manufacturing companies build solutions to their complex problems. Our consulting team has deep consulting, industry and issue expertise, regularly complemented by independent advisors with value adding business expertise. We offer technology solutions to maximize your business value through investments in enablers to transform your enterprise to an intelligent one.

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