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Phil Duff

Phil Duff

Chief Executive Officer, SYSPRO Corporate

Many years ago, Phil Duff and his brother Chris identified a gap in the market for accounting software. In 1978, they took the opportunity and founded SYSPRO. At the time, many technology entrepreneurs felt that success was dependent on a quick initial public offering (IPO).


Almost forty years later, SYSPRO is one of the longest standing independent vendors of ERP software. The company is operational in over 60 countries. Phil has stayed true to his values, and those values are evident throughout the company.


Phil has always believed in continuity and the long term, rather than quick profits. This philosophy is one of the cornerstones bolstering the robust performance and affordability for which SYSPRO is renowned.


Phil leads a talented global team, supported by over 1600 partner resources. Together, they deliver cost-effective, scalable and customizable enterprise software and services to customers across six continents.

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