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“Professional support is a critical factor. In our business, we need to know that when we ask a question we will get an answer. SYSPRO’s responsiveness to our queries takes the guesswork out of ERP.”

Tommy Truscott – Hall Longmore, Financial Director

Customer Profile

When Hall Longmore began manufacturing welded steel pipes in 1924, it paved the way for the development of a major engineering enterprise which today is the largest operation of its kind in Africa south of the Sahara, exporting to more than 30 countries around the globe.

Today the company owns manufacturing facilities offering modern industry leading equipment and process control for the production of large-bore welded steel pipes. Applications range from the transportation of water, gas, petrochemical product, slurries to piling and structural steel fabrication.

The Mission

Effective reporting structures and an accurate Bill of Materials are amongst the most important requirements of any manufacturer and metal fabrication is no exception. When the Barnes Group acquired Hall Longmore in 2014, a number of entities within the group had already implemented a SYSPRO ERP system.

The Solution

In an effort to improve costing models and streamline reporting, Hall Longmore entered a 3-month user acceptance testing phase and went live with SYSPRO 7 in January 2015.

Hall Longmore chose SYSPRO as a value-for-money system that provides a simple, user-friendly solution. There is little need for extensive functionality but an immediate response to queries and useful support is critical to Hall Longmore management.

The Outcome

Hall Longmore has found that access to information has been significantly enhanced since the SYSPRO 7 implementation. Reports are easier to compile and distribute and it is possible to enter the Accounts Receivable Module without clicking through multiple screens.

The Importance of Support

Hall Longmore is involved in the manufacture and processing of pipe for a number of environmentally significant water projects
throughout Southern Africa. As a relatively dry region, Southern Africa is extremely reliant on these projects for the transportation
of water. Rand Water, Amatola Water, Umkhayakude District Municipality, Bloem Water and the Medupi Power Station are just
some of the organizations that have benefited from Hall Longmore products.

Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility features the most modern pipe making equipment and technology to ensure that stringent quality standards are maintained. This commitment to excellence has to be supported by an ERP system that offers the same level of expertise and flexibility.

“Professional support is a critical factor. In our business, we need to know that when we ask a question we will get an answer. SYSPRO’s responsiveness to our queries takes the guesswork out of ERP,” says Hall Longmore Financial Director, Tommy Truscott.

Improved Reporting

SYSPRO Reporting Services (SRS), using the well-known Crystal Reports Engine, enables the custom design of reports to virtually any level of complexity, tailored reporting options, preferences, and layout features. SRS has given Hall Longmore the freedom to design and create reports that are relevant and useful for the various functional areas of the business. The improved access to accurate data means that management is better equipped for rapid decision making to meet their internal organizational needs as well as the external industry-based requirements.

“SYSPRO 7’s Update 1 has significantly improved our reporting processes. Selective information is available to authorized users and saved reports can be shared amongst several users or groups,” explains Systems Project Engineer, Linda Fischer.

Cost and time savings are realized through built-in drivers, report archiving, and rapid development by eliminating the need for external report designers, and protection from changes in technology upgrades.

Simplified Integration

A pipe tracking system is currently being written to trace the steel from when it is delivered to the Hall Longmore premises right through to when it is laid in the ground.

“SYSPRO’s ability to integrate with other systems and the willingness of SYSPRO developers to find workable solutions makes this a possibility,” says Fischer. “We are very excited about the level of visibility this will add to our manufacturing process.”

The Essential BOM

“Real costing understanding and a precise grasp of a Bill of Materials is a rare skill,” explains Truscott. “In the metal fabrication
industry, the BOM is the lifeblood of a successful business.”

Visibility and control over the business and its manufacturing process results in a net saving in time and a reduction of costs.

“As a result of the similar technologies used by SYSPRO 7 and real-time operations management software, Wonderware, our two
systems integrate seamlessly and this gives us a much more detailed knowledge of our processes,” says Truscott.

Hall Longmore


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