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Growth Management

Maybe you’ve expanded beyond your original product line to diversify. Perhaps you’ve undergone a merger – or you’re considering one. Sales demand has increased. You’ve outgrown your current facilities, or you’re opening new warehouses to expand your market reach. Business growth is a fantastic thing, but it can come with growing pains as you scale up. It demands careful growth management planning and accurate financial information to manage successfully. You don’t want to increase headcount or order more raw materials than you actually need, driving up cost and waste.

That’s why you need a technology infrastructure flexible and scalable enough to grow with you – including the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. If you’re considering updating and/or consolidating your line of business systems to support your growth initiatives, discover how SYSPRO ERP software delivers the power you need both today and in the future.


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Growth Management Strategy

3 steps to smart growth with SYSPRO ERP software


Move to One Unified System

You may have outgrown your entry-level accounting software and spreadsheets. Or, if you’re larger, you may have disparate data and technology sources that inhibit your ability to get a single accurate (and fast!) version of the truth. How much time does your team spend pulling together reports manually from multiple sources? If you’re dealing with multiple divisions or companies working with different databases or systems, it can be really painful.

SYSPRO can help you bring all of these distinct databases and systems into a single, unified ERP platform, giving you real-time access to information from anywhere, using any device. This improves efficiency, collaboration and sometimes most importantly – accuracy. Plus, SYSPRO is highly scalable and customizable. Select only the modules you need now to succeed, knowing you can expand later as your business grows.


Cut Through Complexity and Transform Your Operations

As companies grow, they can often adopt increasingly complex and often redundant business processes. Moving to a new ERP system can help you identify and cut through the extra steps and eliminate waste. Often companies move to update their ERP systems as part of operational transformation initiatives, such as a desire to implement Lean manufacturing.

Moreover, business growth may also enable you to modernize your inventory, warehouse and supply chain operations to achieve significant efficiencies. By leverage new technologies like workflow automation, GPS, mobile and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), you can speed up routine tasks and enable your staff to work smarter than ever. Then invest the profits you gain into supporting even more growth.


Enhance Transparency and Get Closer to Customers

Happy customers can become the motivators of growth, but if you aren’t prepared, that growth can drive a decrease in customer satisfaction. That means you need to make business decisions based on a solid, data-driven understanding of your customer demand patterns. SYSPRO ERP software includes business analytics capabilities, which help you predict and make better choices. Identify market needs to support R&D and product development, respond to seasonality and customer preferences – and avoid stocking losers that lock up your capital sitting on the shelf.

Managing Growth

The value of ERP

Without analytical tools, you could be making the wrong bets on your future. When you’re evaluating a new business venture, or reorganizing business units as part of a larger corporation, it’s important to think about the role of your ERP system and recognize how important it is to implementing a successful growth management strategy. Find out how SYSPRO ERP software can help

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