ERP and Digitization

How Manufacturers can Easily Transition into the Future of Work – Key Considerations

The acceleration of technological adoption has created a new frontier for the world of work. With the rise of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, e-commerce …

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The Importance of Using Digital Technologies In the Supply Chain

For businesses involved in moving and distributing goods around the country or the world, the pandemic of 2020 has shown …

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5 Things I’ve Learned About Managing Change for Digital Transformation Success

Big change is coming. Your new technology launch will unite systems from across the organization, on one streamlined platform. It …

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How COOs can Contribute to Software Selection and Deployment

The COO is at the center of business. While the role of the COO differs from organization to organization, it …

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Why Put your ERP in the Cloud

In 2020, organizations have become much more aware that applications can run in the cloud. It is no longer taken …

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How the Modern CFO can Contribute to Software Selection and Use

In the past, the role of the CFO was about ensuring accounting and reporting of past activities and booking transactions …

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3 Steps Australian Manufacturers can Take to Secure their Industry’s Future Beyond COVID-19

There is no denying that the Coronavirus pandemic is a disaster for global economies, but could it provide a silver …

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4 Steps South Africa Needs to Take to Succeed in Digital Transformation

As governments in Africa navigate their way through the uncertainty of COVID-19, the beneficial role that digitalization can play in …

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4_Ways_ to_Ensure_your_Quotation_Process_Leads_to_Profit_Every_Time

4 Ways to Ensure your Quotation Process Leads to Profit Every Time

Ways to Ensure your Quotation Process Leads to Profit Every Time To ensure a healthy bottom line for your Metal …

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