Sanjay Galal

Sanjay Galal

Sanjay has a long established financial and management career in the tech industry spanning multiple continents. As the Chief Financial Officer for SYSPRO Australasia, his value proposition is to drive innovation and disruption through sales enablement, by balancing technology with finance in what is now a multi-disciplinary technological driven age. He is passionate about sport, spending his spare time watching, analyzing and participating at every opportunity.

Posts by Sanjay Galal

ERP for Metal Fabrication

ERP Supports Profitable Manufacturing for Metal Fabrication

Years ago I read a quote that I really like by Gallileo Galilei, the 16th century Italian astronomer and physicist …

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ERP for Manufacturing

How Electronics Manufacturers Can Benefit from ERP

It’s an exciting time to be offering ERP to APAC manufacturers – especially our partners in the electronics industry. In …

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