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XBS was formed in 2006 having clear focus on providing support in 2 Key areas namely Advanced Infrastructure and SYSPRO . The requirements for specific applications became quite necessary and led to the setup of the Application Development division. XBS has been fortunate enough to acquire numerous skilled individuals and corporate clients over the duration of our 12 years of trade and boasts an excellent client retention record.

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Are you truly getting the most out of SYSPRO? Would it surprise you to learn that very likely, you aren’t even aware of the majority of functionalities offered by this software – functionalities that could make all the difference in the efficiency, effectiveness, and synchronicity of your operations? For over 15 years, we have been immersed in uncovering the many hidden gems of SYSPRO, so as to help our customers eliminate wasteful, outdated or outright ineffective methods, and in their place set up innovative, intuitive measures that few would have even conceived of, yet can’t imagine doing without once implemented. This mission starts first and foremost with getting to know our customer: to obtain a comprehensive understanding of their overall structure, detailed flow, procedures, staffing, current level of ERP experience and most importantly their specific requirements and pain points. Then, in close cooperation with our customer, together we determine the most well-matched solutions to address each of these needs, often in ways that would never have occurred to our customer, simply because they were unaware of such options. We review and revisit these adjustments thoroughly, and if a particular path is not working as hoped, we continue to explore and make tweaks until just the right system is found. And being a small firm, there is no hand-over once a project is completed: we are there for you when future needs arise, and have the advantage of already having a thorough awareness of your processes, so as to deliver the best follow-up services possible. Let us assist you in loving SYSPRO and all of its powerful capabilities!

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By embracing technology we will have surpassed the needs of thousands of our customers throughout Africa

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